How to Stop Procrastinating:Chains

How to Stop Procrastinating – The Ultimate Guide to Getting Shit Done


It’s having an awkward ball of metal chained to your ankle – for every task you’re avoiding and postponing! You become a prisoner just like in those old black and white movies.

Recognize this pattern?

When you gotta do something important, you avoid it by saying:

“Not now! I’ll do it later. I just wanna do (random thing) first!”

So, you do something “fun” and totally unrelated instead. Except, it’s not really fun, because you haven’t earnt doing it. Wouldn’t it feel much more awesome to actually have earnt your fun?! ;-]

When the deadline approaches you panic and say:

“Damn! Why didn’t I start earlier?! I hate it when this happens!”

You panic and get your work done in a super-human display of effort. The quality isn’t the best you’re capable of though.

It’s a parasitic burden on your mind and soul to drag avoided work with you, wherever you go… Because it takes a huge toll on your self-worth, confidence, happiness, productivity and life!

What you get in return?

Worry, self-loathing and temporary happiness, for example. What a terrible deal! Can you imagine having many balls like that tied to your ankles?

Shit, how are you gonna get rid of them? How to stop procrastinating?

Here, I’m giving you 18 powerful tips that work effectively to beat procrastination.



Understanding The Psychology of Procrastination

Here’s the kicker:

You’re NOT Lazy.
You’re NOT Less Intelligent.
And You Are Definitely NOT Worthless!

You’re suffering from procrastination. It’s a worldwide problem among all ages and groups of people. 20% of Americans are chronic procrastinators according to a popular study conducted by Joseph Ferrari.

In short, the root cause of your procrastination is fear. Usually, it’s either because you fear failure (Destroying Procrastination, Perfectionism & Fear of Failure), or you fear success, but it can also be a fear of losing control or maintaining a certain degree of intimacy in your relationships. So your mind creates resistance to moving forward.


Because your mind perceives the outcome to be harmful for you. Many times the fear is just an illusion.

Once you’ve got that fear handled, the following techniques can be very effective for you. If you don’t handle the fear, then any victory you have will be short-lived, because the root is still there.



Learn How to Stop Procrastinating & Take Massive Action ;-)
Learn How to Stop Procrastinating & Take Action Like A Champ 😉

How To Stop Procrastinating – And Take Action Like A Champ!

Ready to learn how to stop procrastinating?

Here are 18 powerful tips that work effectively to beat procrastination. Any one by itself will have a big impact for you. See which ones help you stop procrastinating the most. Note, these are techniques and will only work temporarily unless you handle the underlying reasons why you procrastinate. These reasons can be any form of fear of failure (and perfectionism), success, intimacy or loss of control.

Someone once said:

“Procrastination is like weed. You cut it off and it comes back again.
To remove it entirely, you have to cut off the roots”.



1. Imagining What “Future You” is Losing by Your Current Way

Picture this:

You’re in the future. Say… 5 years.

Can you imagine how much awesomeness from life you’ve missed? You could’ve built an amazing life, pursuing highly meaningful goals, cultivating rewarding relationships and having an excellent health, but were instead crippled by procrastination.

Get in touch with the future you for a moment and feel the emotions that arise…

Keep thinking… I’m not letting you off the hook so easily, because it’s very important for your future.


Does imagining your future fill you with regret and sadness? Good!

Is it painful and scary to see yourself in that handicapped state? Excellent!

Do you wanna crush this habit and really empower yourself? Fantastic!

Take decisive action. Today. Decide to change your mindsets, emotions and habits that lead to you procrastinating. Learn how to stop procrastinating from any of all the tips in this post and this web site. Free yourself from the burden and shine.

The World Needs Your Awesomeness!


2. Crushing Your Procrastination Inertia with the Help of Hope & Belief

You know that annoyingly frustrating feeling when you wanna do what you need to, but can’t get started? You feel a mysterious and strong force stopping you from even beginning.

It’s like you’re sitting in your car and stepping on the gas petal, but nothing is happening. You wanna get going, but the damn car simply won’t move! How frustrating! Hell, it can even make you feel powerless to do anything about your situation.

Why won’t it move?

Because there’s fear in your mind, that’s why!

Your mind is convinced that if you follow that course of action, it will lead to pain, so it won’t let you move. If you’ve seen Marisa Peer’s video about collaborating with your mind, you know that your brain is hardwired to keep you away from pain and move towards pleasure.

So, how do you get moving?


How to Stop Procrastinating - Hope & Belief

By infusing hope and belief into your mind that no matter what happens, you can deal very well with it and it’s going to be fun to overcome this obstacle/challenge!

I’ve had great success just by telling myself repeatedly that

“It’ll probably go really well for me! It’s going to be FUN to overcome this challenge!”

This is my go-to technique when I’m feeling any resistance to getting started. It never fails to help me get moving, because it dissolves the fear I’m feeling.

Using this technique you can quickly and easily reduce the resistance you feel to getting started, and by using it, you also save yourself lots of frustration, worry and loss of self-respect! This is an excellent way to learn how to stop procrastinating.


3. Flushing “Perfectionism” Down the Toilet.

Perfectionism is a great enemy of the procrastinator, because it’ll put you in an insidious situation:

You have insanely high expectations of yourself and if you fail to meet them, you feel completely worthless. Hell maybe even unlovable. You feel that if you perform flawlessly, your self-worth is high, but, if you perform less than perfect, you feel terrible about yourself.

On top of that, you can easily get sucked into the fear of being judged as inadequate by people, which causes you to worry constantly. – “What will all the people say about me if I do my best and still fail?!”. It can be a terrifying and frustrating feeling that spawns many other negative feelings.

You know what?

Screw all that! That mindset leads to SO much shit for you: self-loathing, despair, anxiety, loss of self-esteem and confidence. If you are unlucky and don’t know what to do about it, it stays that way for the rest of your life. No thanks! To hell with crippling perfectionism.

You CAN be faulty and imperfect and still be very much lovable (in fact, you don’t have a choice, because perfection is an illusion). Your self-worth should never be tied to your ability to perform perfectly. Love yourself unconditionally. You are enough. You’ve always been enough 😉

The good news?

Anything that you want to improve, you CAN. Your brain is equipped with the most high-tech biological machinery to learn and grow. Your brain can take “failure”, extract the valuable lessons from it, apply them and improve your chances of success. It can conquer mindboggling challenges. How amazing isn’t that?!

If you want to learn how to stop procrastinating in a powerful way, then adopting this growth mindset I just described above is highly beneficial for you, because it’ll make you better every day, for the rest of your life. In time and with effort, you can become Incredible at whatever you want. You can be Legendary. You can be Phenomenal.


4. Boost Your Productivity by Removing Distractions.

Oh, yes! Those annoyingly interesting things that grab your attention when you’re trying to be productive. Well… damn them, lol!

It’s surprisingly simple, but few people do this: Do yourself a favor and remove them from your sight and reach.

This includes putting your cell phone on silent mode and far away (where you can find it again).

You may have to pull a Houdini from your chatty co-workers and go to a quiet environment.

Removing distractions also means ditching all thoughts that lead your precious attention elsewhere and rewarding yourself for continually focusing on what matters. You can do that by complimenting your dedication and strong will, for example.

What if you don’t?

The more distracted you are, the more distracted you get. The more focused you are, the more focused you get.

Oh, by the way…

Do you wanna have a free, but powerful cheat for stronger focus? Search YouTube for isochronic tones for focusand find a track you can stand having in the background. Isochronic tones are designed to put your brain into a specific state. Very Powerful stuff!

#AwesomeMindHack #VeryFewPeopleKnowThis



How to Stop Procrastinating

5. The Effectiveness of Having Deadlines ;-]

Picture this:

You’re procrastinating. “You’ll do it later, sometime.” You’re not moving forward.

Yet, the time is passing. You’re continuously feeling the negative effects of procrastination: worry, anxiety and a steadily decreasing self-esteem. You’re feeling it either consciously or subconsciously.

Damn! How do you even get started when you’re paralyzed by procrastination?

Well, I got a dynamite technique to solve that problem for you.

Turns out, if you have a deadline, then chances of you breaking free from the grip of procrastination increase dramatically!

Why? Because, as a procrastinator, you have a built in panic monster. It’s sleeping most of the time. If there’s a deadline approaching and you’ve barely started, it wakes up and scares the shit out of you. You panic and get moving, sometimes putting in super-human efforts like staying up all night and working, lol.

The trick is to use that panic monster by having a scary deadline, otherwise you’ll just avoid that shit again. If you don’t have a deadline, then create one!

Even better,

If you make missing the deadline extra painful for yourself, like publicly declaring that you’ll be giving away a painful amount, like 100 dollars to someone you really dislike, then you can bet your ass that’ll give you an extra spark of motivation.

Obviously, doing the work at last minute is less than ideal. Some claim that they work best under pressure, but it’s not really true in most cases. The quality of work suffers.

However, for us procrastinators, having a scary deadline can mean the difference between getting something done, and still being tied to a heavy ball and chain…


How to Stop Procrastinating - What Freedom from Procrastination Can Feel Like.
What Freedom from Procrastination Can Feel Like.


6. Boost Your Actions with The “2 Minute Rule” & The Pomodoro Technique!

You know how difficult it can sometimes be to take on a big task? You think about having to spend lots of time on it, which makes you feel anxiety, frustration, and overwhelmed… Hellooo, procrastination!

You know what?

The hardest part is just getting started!

The good news?


6.1: The 2 Minute Rule

I have a surprisingly easy way to kick your procrastination into space! It’s called “The 2 Minute Rule”. Two different variations:

#1: If it takes less than 2 minutes to do, then do it right now! 2 minutes of action and intense focus is extremly easy.

#2: Take any task that you’re procrastinating on, and work with it, for only 2 minutes!

Here’s a pleasant surprise:

After your first 2 min session, you’ll feel better, because you’ve taken action. You might even wanna do another 2 min session! Build momentum. Keep rewarding yourself with positive self-talk. Pretty soon you’ll be a big snowball rolling down the hill. Hell, you’ll be enjoying what previously made you feel terrible. #EpicWin

Even better…


6.2: The Pomodoro Technique

I used to struggle and agonize over working for longer periods, until I found a very effective method called “The Pomodoro Technique“.

What is The Pomodoro Technique?

It’s really simple. You totally ditch your distractions and urges to procrastinate for 25 minutes. Then you take a 5 min break. Repeat this cycle as many times as you want/need. After 4 cycles, take a 15-20 min break.

It can take your productivity to a whole new level! It may be hard to focus for 25 minutes in the beginning, but it can definitely be done. So don’t worry too much about that. Meditation really helps with this by the way, if you really wanna learn how to stop procrastinating.



How to Stop Procrastinating: Do Things 1 Step at a Time!
How to Stop Procrastinating: Do Things 1 Step at a Time!

7. Divide & Conquer! Small Actionable Steps.

“Collecting wins, no matter how small, can chemically wire you to move mountains by causing a repeated release of dopamine (happiness hormone)” – Monica Mehta

Unfortunately, it’s easy to be intimidated by a big, giant goal. It can seem daunting and frustrating, like climbing a dangerous mountain. You don’t know where to begin or how to do it, so you feel the urge to procrastinate.

– Where do I start? What do I do?! My God!

Don’t worry. I’ve got something to help you climb right up to the top and plant a flag with your face on it.


Next time you face a big challenge, break it into smaller, manageable parts. Arrange them into a list ordered by priority. Focus on ONE step at a time.

Got an essay to write? Divide it into smaller sections. Still too big? Focus on one paragraph at a time. Then do another, and another until you complete the whole essay.

Going to the gym? Focus on one exercise at a time. One set. One repetition at a time. Make it easy for you to win.

Learning to play soccer? Master one technique at a time.

Even better…

You know that seductive, temporary positive feeling you get when you postpone something you don’t wanna do?

It’s a trap. Don’t fall into it.

What’s better?

Give yourself well-deserved self-praise when you take a small step towards completing your task! This right here can literally hardwire your brain to become an unstoppable force if you do it consistently.

The hardest part about procrastination is just getting started. Once you do, you’ll begin to build momentum, which is a force that has the potential to blast through barriers.



8. Snowball Time! – Building Momentum

Ever seen someone build a snowball at the top of a hill and roll it down? It moves faster and faster the closer it gets to the bottom. It can get so big and fast that it becomes unstoppable.

That’s momentum.

Momentum is an excellent force to have in your arsenal if you wanna learn how to stop procrastinating and become insanely productive.

Why? Because momentum is the opposite of procrastination.

You might not remember much from your science classes in school, but here’s something easy and useful:

Newton’s first law: “An object in motion tends to stay in motion”.


How to Stop Procrastinating - Build Momentum
How to Stop Procrastinating – Build Momentum

How to Build Momentum

Step #1: Pave the Way For Yourself by Removing Obstacles and Distractions.

Things like moving away from noisy places. Putting your cell phone far away or on silent mode. Shutting down all unnecessary browser windows. Whatever works for you 😉

It gets even better:

Removing obstacles includes dumping your inner resistance.


Through inner dialogue that builds your faith and belief that you CAN get the job done. Remember, procrastination is a result of fear. The opposite of fear? Hope! It can be as simple as encouraging yourself by saying things like:

“It’ll probably work out really well for me. It’s probably gonna be more fun than I imagine”.

That right there is gold. Why? Because fear loses its’ grip over your mind. This removes inner barriers and makes it easier for you to get into action.

Step 2: Break the Goal Down Into Smaller, Manageable Parts.

If any part is too big, you break it down into even smaller parts. The idea is to always keep moving forward, even if you have to crawl, lol. Remember, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”. More about this “Divide & Conquer Technique” here.

Step 3: Reward Yourself For Each Step You Take.

Keep doing that until you’re done. How to reward yourself? According to my experience, compliments and positive, encouraging self-talk work the best. When you feel good about doing something, your brain automatically wants to do it again.

Bonus Side Effect: Did I mention that taking action builds self-confidence, exorcises anxiety & fear? Pretty sweet deal, huh!


Warning: Ridiculously Easy Example of Building Momentum:

1: You may be hating the fact that you have to write a 3 page report, for example.
2: So, you’re seriously considering to postpone it.
3: Then you remember that you can break it down into smaller parts and use encouraging inner dialogue to build momentum.
4: You open up a new Microsoft Word document.
5: Self-Encouragement: “YES! Atleast I opened up the writing software!”
6: You’re feeling the urge to do something else.
7: Wait. Just write 1 sentence!
8: Self-Encouragement: “Awesome! I wrote 1 sentence!“
9: Write a couple more sentences.
10: Self-Encouragement: “I wrote a whole paragraph! I’m awesome!” The momentum is building up!
11: Soon, you’ve written not only a few paragraphs, but a whole page!
12: Self-Encouragement: Haha, I’m awesome!
13: You even write the other two pages, one sentence and paragraph at a time.

At the end you have so much momentum that you don’t wanna quit, because your brain is rewarding you for tackling your problem. Each word you write is decreasing the amount of inner resistance, and the more that is removed, the better you feel.

Why do you wanna add emotional pep-talk when you use techniques that teach you how to stop procrastinating?

Because they give you a positive emotional boost. You keep doing them and your brain will be conditioned to wanna do them more. Remember, your mind is hard-wired to move you away from what you link pain to, and towards what you link pleasure to, #AwesomeMindHack.


9. Rewarding Yourself For Progress!

You know that amazing feeling when you make significant progress on an annoying task? Or even when you win a tough battle?! Good! That’s the feeling you wanna make yourself feel each time you take a step toward completing your goal.

Reward yourself for taking action that’s good for your future, immediately when that action is taken.

Because that trains your mind that taking action towards your goal is a good thing. That’s the equivalent to feeding your mind with well deserved candy.

Procrastination and saying harsh, critical things to yourself, about yourself is like feeding it stinky rotten food. That just makes it sick.

So, how do you reward yourself?

A very powerful way, that also builds up your self-esteem, is to praise yourself through inner dialogue. Try saying this:

  • “I am enough. I’ve always been enough”.
  • “I’m stronger than any challenge life gives me”.
  • “I’m very lovable”.
  • “I am bold and courageous”.
  • “I can learn and become anything I want”.

This habit won’t be solidified over a night, but using this technique can beat your procrastination and you’ll start seeing results very quickly.

Remember, your mind is hard-wired to move you away from pain, and towards pleasure. It’s resistant to the unfamiliar, but loves the familiar. Make taking action towards your goal familiar 😉

If you’re serious about learning how to stop procrastinating, then I highly recommend doing this.



how to stop procrastinating
Stop negative self-talk. It’s useless. Empower and lift yourself up instead.

10. Replacing Your Negative Self-Talk with Empowering Thoughts.

Shocking news:

According to some scientists at the “National Science Foundation”, USA, your brain thinks up to 70,000 thoughts per day. Other sources say up to 85% of our thoughts are negative.

That’s not all.

“Your thoughts become emotions. Emotions lead to actions. Actions repeated are cemented as habits. Habits become character. And your character shapes your destiny”.

Do you realize how important self-dialogue is?

Your self dialogue strongly determines the quality of your life and how far you can go.

If you say things to yourself like “I hate myself”, “I’m horrible at XYZ” or “I’ll never be able to do ABC” then you are severely limiting yourself. It’s very much committing harsh violence towards yourself. Remember, your brain gives you specifically what you command it to. These three examples are all horrible commands.

What’s better?

The greatest boxer in the history of mankind (Muhammad Ali) used to say “I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was”. This quote clearly demonstrates the power you can harness if you make your inner dialogue empowering.

More examples of empowering self-talk:

“I strongly believe in myself.”

“My potential is limitless and I can do anything I want.”

“I am highly valuable.”

So, what does all of this have to do with learning how to stop procrastinating?


The mind of a procrastinator is usually full of negativity, anxiety and fears. All of these create resistance to taking massive action. Replacing negative self-talk with hope, belief and empowering talk can dramatically change your ability to take effective action towards your goal.

A free bonus from this technique: Your self-esteem increases! YES!!! 😉


11. Precomitting & Increasing Your Motivation.

Do you lack motivation?

No problem!

I’ve got a proven method for that:

Precommit publicly among people you know or that matter to you (like on facebook) that if you fail to complete your goal on time, you’ll do something you really hate.

Like what?

Like donating 200 dollars to a charity/person you strongly dislike, or cleaning the toilets every day for a week at work, or doing the dishes for your neighbor (that you don’t even know) for a whole week.

In short, something awful/awkward that you’d never wanna do, but you’ll absolutely have to if you fail to do what you said.

The idea here is simply for you to make the outcome even worse for yourself, if you do not do what you’ve said. We humans are more motivated by pain than by pleasure. THAT’S why it’s SO motivating. It’s very effective if you wanna learn how to stop procrastinating.

Procrastination can definitely be conquered. Use pain to your advantage.

How ballsy are You?


12. The Benefit of Accountability

For many procrastinators there’s a huge problem when they’re figuring out how to stop procrastinating.


They can’t self-regulate and properly hold themselves accountable. It means that if you’re procrastinating and don’t have anyone to report to, then chances are you can avoid the task without facing any repercussions.

The result?

You’ll be dragging and dragging and… dragging the task behind you. Little problems become big problems. Oh, the frustration!

How do you use this technique?

Empower someone else (for example a coach, a friend or your parent) to give you a negative “punishment” if you don’t complete your task. This technique is similar to the one described above, but without actively causing public shame.

The benefits of accountability are many, like it accelerates your performance, it helps you measure your success and progress. It will force you to follow through on commitments. You’ll stay active and responsible.

Hell, the person you empower can also give you constructive feedback!


13. Creating a Powerful Vision That Pulls You – Without The Need of Will Power.

Imagine this:

Two ways for you to move forward.

Either you are comfortably and almost effortlessly pulled by a force, or you have to spend energy dragging yourself to your goal. One is easy, the other one is harder.

Which one do you prefer?

If you chose the first option, then you may be wondering how to harness that power.

Simple. Create a large, exciting vision of your goal in your mind and remind yourself of that vision, daily. The image should be so exciting that it pulls you stronger than your fears. Something that magnetically pulls your whole being. Picture it for a moment.

Do you wanna be a person that effortlessly studies for your exams, enjoys it AND gets frikkin good results?

Do you wanna be an entrepreneur that goes through the grind and successfully comes out on top?

You wanna have a fantastic physique that you’re proud of?

Have that vision and remind yourself of it, daily. There’s only one more thing you need:

Your “WHY?

Why do you wanna do it? Tony Robbins says that if you have a clear vision and a strong enough WHY then you can do anything!

By the way… Go here to learn more about building a powerful vision that pulls you.



How to Stop Procrastinating - "Put a Gun To Your Head"
How to Stop Procrastinating – “Put a Gun To Your Head”

14. Burning Your Bridges & Moving Forward.

Heavy procrastination makes you a big, unmovable boulder, which can be terribly frustrating and lead to self-loathing and other painful negative feelings. You feel that you can only move forward when a great force (finally!) compells you to take action. It can be an imminent deadline, but sometimes not even that helps…

Do you want a dynamite technique on how to stop procrastinating?

This is one of the most powerful techniques in this arsenal. It’s very efficient. Similar to #4: Boost Your Productivity by Removing Distractions, but more aggressive. It’s been used in warfare throughout history to leverage great power.


Once, in 1519, when the Spanish navy invaded Mexico, their commander (Hernan Cortes) ordered his ships to be sunk at the shores. It left his troups NO other options than to conquer or die. What happened? They fought like savages and became victorious.

It’s scary, but insanely effective.

How to stop procrastinating with this technique?

For example, tell your friends on facebook that if you don’t get your assignment done on time, you’ll pay 10 of them 10 dollars each (or some other, very painful amount).

Cut off ALL your distractions and outcomes until there is only one way: forward.


15. Meditation For Laser-like Focus & Motivation.

Meditation is one of those dynamite stocks you buy on Wall Street:

You invest a small amount and it returns your investment 50 times over! Actually, there are atleast 76 scientifically confirmed benefits of meditation. Everybody should be meditating, because it’s so easy and highly beneficial!

How does meditation help you stop procrastinating?

Among the benefits, it gives you reduced anxiety, fear and worry. It enhances your focus, mental strength and improves your decision making skills. You also improve your emotional well-being, mood and overall happiness in life. All of which help against procrastination!

One more thing:

It’s very likely that as a procrastinator, you’re very easy to distract. In fact, your mind is conditioned to actively look for distractions, so you don’t have to DO the thing you’re actually supposed to do.

You willingly act on impulses that distract you. It’s just a habit, jumping from one urge to another, but it weakens your focus and empties your will power tank.

This is done unconsciously, which means it’s under the radar of your conscious mind. Meditation will teach you to be aware of when the urge to procrastinate arises and still do your task. You’ll simply be able to notice when the urge to procrastinate arises. With time you’ll be able to control the urge.

Meditation strengthens your ability to focus and dissolve negative feelings related to what you’re procrastinating on.

The way that I meditate will help you build your focusing and awareness skills. It also gives you other, tremendous benefits in every area of your life. Read my 10 min meditation guide here. Meditation is excellent if you wanna learn how to stop procrastinating.



How to Stop Procrastinating: Use Decision Making
How to Stop Procrastinating: Use Decision Making

16. Using Decision-Making to Take Action, Bring Clarity & Remove Anxiety

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve faced a big challenge, but haven’t known where to start?

Your mind has been torn in different directions, causing you anxiety and confusion. The task has been overwhelming.

So, instead of taking action, you’ve just postponed it, because that gave you room to breathe a little.

According to Bob Proctor (from “The Secret”), the main causes of ambivalence is indecision and a lack of confidence. In other words, you’re afraid of making a painful mistake.

A quick tip: If you can’t figure out WHAT to do, use decision making to remove options that give you low return of your effort. It’s golden 😉


The best decision-makers shrug off the mistake and then move on by incorporating the lessons learnt.

If you want to learn how to stop procrastinating, I suggest you make a habit of making more decisions. Gradually you’ll get better and better at following through.

Why practice decision making?

Because it brings clarity to your mind. It removes obstacles and negative emotions. It enables you to confidently move forward by taking action. This chokes the air out of your procrastination’s lungs and frees you to do what you need to get done.

People who procrastinate tend to have a fear of failure and suffer from perfectionism. They wanna make “the perfect decision”. While time passes on they get less and less room to make a decision. They can then blame their indecision on a lack of time.

In reality, they’re actually using procrastination as a way to protect themselves from being labeled as incompetent or inadequate.


17. Embracing Discomfort To Get Shit Done

Brace yourself. This is a tough one, lol.

You know, sometimes, most of the times as a procrastinator, you get into the zone of comfort. Everybody says “get out of your comfort zone”. There’s thousands of pictures on the web floating around with this theme. But… the comfort zone is… comfortable! You know how to stop procrastinating. You know you have to get your work done, but you just don’t want to, because it’s… annoyingly comfortable. It takes effort.

And then there’s the other kinda people. The ones who take massive action, live happy lives. Do epic things. People worthy of respect.

How do you become like them?

Well, sometimes the simplest answer is the toughest.

Embrace fucking discomfort. Learn to LOVE it. Every time you do something you know you need to do, but don’t like doing, reward yourself. Use inner dialogue to compliment yourself, to pep yourself. Really. You fucking deserve it, because you’re doing something incredibly tough.

You do this enough and you won’t need to learn much more about how to stop procrastinating. This is an insanely effective technique to get you to take massive action. Your brain will get addicted to the positive feelings you get when you conquer discomfort.

Just do it. NOW!


18. Visualizing Doing Your Task And Enjoying It

You have a gift.

Something tremendously powerful.

It’s SO potent that you can use it to change your entire life.

What am I talking about?

Your imagination. You can use it to create exciting, imaginary scenes.

Surprisingly, the mind doesn’t know the difference between what you imagine and what you experience with your sense.

This can be used to your advantage.


Picture what you need to do. All of it. Instead of letting the negative feelings exist, you see yourself enjoying doing it and feeling how well it’s going. See yourself handling it like a boss. Let yourself feel powerful and happy in your imagination.

Do it and then get to it in real life – it’s your imagination, you can do whatever you want, lol. This has helped me so many times it’d be a crime not to share it with you guys.



What it feels like when you learn how to stop procrastinating and work towards a truly meaningful life.

Final Words & Encouragement

Go out there, and conquer the world, soldier! The world needs your awesomeness.

It needs your unique talents. Find your passion and live a life full of action and excitement. Make epic shit happen.

Dare to make mistakes. Learn from them. Become better. Stronger.

Destroy your fear of failure. Fuck perfectionism. Embrace your own imperfection. Let it help you grow. Adopt a growth mindset.

It’s not easy, especially that part about embracing your own imperfections, but it can turn your life around for the better. You won’t need to be perfect to realize that you’re worthy of love. Perfection is an illusion. To the hell with it.

The urge to procrastinate will always be there, even for the best people in the world. But, by knowing it and observing it, you won’t have to act on it anymore. You choose what you wanna do, not the urge. Focus forward. On your mission. Your Goal.

Give Yourself Unconditional Love. No matter what mistakes you make. It’s tough. Do it anyway.

Burn these words into your mind:

You are enough.

You are worthy.

You’ve always been worthy, champ 😉




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50 thoughts on “How to Stop Procrastinating – The Ultimate Guide to Getting Shit Done”

  1. There are days when I can’t stop procrastinating. And sometimes overcoming it is quite difficult. But i believe that first thing to stop procrastinating is to recognize and be honest to yourself that you are procrastinating.

    1. You are quite welcome, Sonali. If you have any questions or need help with beating procrastination, don’t hesitate to ask me for help 😉

  2. I am a huge procrastinator..glad to know I am actually not a lazy person. It is so true, that sometimes its based on the fear of failure and perfectionism. Great article to ponder and taking action on.

  3. Can laziness be also a cause of delay than just fear? I have used the Pomodoro technique, it works successfully for all those whom I have introduced this too. Great points and share…

    1. Hi, Abhinav. I’m not sure there is such a thing as lazyness. I think it’s actually procrastination in the working. However, sometimes it’s wise to delay things. Procrastinators avoid.

  4. I have no words for this post expect waoo. Such a beautiful lines
    “You are enough.”
    “You are worthy.”
    “You’ve always been worthy, champ 😉”or what i can say this post has boost up my confidence level. I just love your each and every line. Big thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. AWESOME TIPS! I’m definitely using these tips for myself. Not only will I be using these tips, but I will be sharing these with my boyfriend.

  6. You’ve addressed nearly every reason imaginable for procrastination. I can’t tell if I have a better approach or more excuses. 😂

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Basundhara. Procrastination is indeed a huge problem in the world. Only in the US there are more than 60,000,000 chronic procrastinators. Let me know if I can help you out 😉

  7. Amazing! The world wide problem, solved with an article. Not many people look upon themselves as procrastinators, but indeed they are. This is quite an article to lift ourselves out for some work and get it finished.

  8. I am a chronic procrastinator, I must admit. My reasons for procrastinating are laziness and a lack of motivation to do that specific task, whatever it is. I feel motivated just to pamper myself daily with good stuff and leisure activities and probably to travel.

  9. I feel like #3 and #4 on this list will Definitely help me stop procrastinating! Thank you so much for this list! I really think I’m a chronic procrastinator, which leads me to get little done every day. Hopefully some of these will help me!

  10. Great tips. I was a huge procrastinator up until a few years ago myself, but fortunately I developed a “get shit done” attitude. Of course, to get there I had to take many small steps like many of the ones you mentioned.

  11. On some days procrastination is my biggest enemy and I really have to give myself a mental kick up the rear to get going. #17 on your list pretty much sums it up!

  12. This was such a needed article. I was thinking about the important stuff I have to do while I was reading this. And yes, most of my work need only 2 minutes to get completed but still procrastination rules and I end up doing the irrelevant things. I’m really gonna act upon these tips to get over this attitude of procrastination.

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