Goal Setting

Goal Setting: The Hustler’s Guide to Avoiding a Painful Failure

Imagine this:

Somebody you know of quit their job a month ago, and now he (or she!) just launched a product online that brings in money. This person is taking constant action: writing engaging blog posts, hosting webinars and reading books. You marvel at how much this person gets done over so little time. He is moving forward like a 70 ton tank that rolls over a puny VolksWagen Beatle.


You have trouble taking any significant action. Maybe you associate goal setting with only those boring new year’s resolutions nobody actually takes seriously. Maybe your goals often mysteriously run into the sand, which makes you resistent to setting any at all.

And then, you look at hustlers who actually get things done and frustratingly wonder:

How the hell do they do it? What motivates them to do all this?” And more importantly, “Can I become like that?”

Goals give you a sense of purpose, growth and happiness in life. Having goal setting skills can be the deciding factor whether you get to have all that or, or being stuck in a place you resent.

What do you want, your own online business? Your ideal relationship? A travelling lifestyle?

In this article, I’m showing you how to take that dreamy voice inside you and transform it into the roar of a mighty lion!

First, let’s see a solid example of how goal setting skills can actually help you.



5 Simple & Effective Tips on Goal Setting


How Goal Setting Skills Helped Me In a Dire Time of Need

Everything changed December 22nd, 2012:

The phone rings. “Come home. Now!” , my brother says in a commanding voice. I run to my car and drive like they do in the fast & the furious movies.

I open the front door. My Mother’s eyes are overflowing with tears. My Father just passed away – “WHAT?!! He was fine yesterday!”. Suddenty, there’s a big, cold emptiness in my stomach. My mind is spinning. Breathing is not effortless.

Yet, I manage to drive straight to the nursing home. When opening the door to his room, I see two of my brothers crying while sitting next to him.

He is gone. Dead. My father is no more.

Seeing his soulless body shatters me. Like a tower collapsing under its’ own weight, I fall down to the ground bursting into tears, for what seemed like eons.

However, I had to summon all my strength quickly.


As the oldest son, wouldn’t you wanna be strong for your family who depends on you? Wouldn’t you wanna protect them from the undeniable pain? Wouldn’t you wanna honor his last dying wish (to be buried in his village, in Pakistan)?

The problem?

I was in Sweden. It was Christmas and everything was closed. I had NO idea what to do or how to proceed…

What was I gonna tell his brother, who couldn’t even find the balls to come see him alive one last time? Where was his body gonna go now? How was I gonna transport him to Pakistan?

The Importance of Staying Organized

That night, I made a list of 55-60 things I had to do. Big, scary things that I had NO experience with: fixing his air transport, getting the paper work done and arranging the ceremonies. Well, atleast I had a plan and knew what to prioritize. I could finally take action and bring my father’s wish into fruition.


Me, my Mother and my youngest Brother arrived at his village. Despite the cold weather, hundreds of people from neighboring villages came to see us. They respectfully carried the coffin on their shoulders and escorted it all the way to the cemetery where a grand ceremony was held.

Can you imagine how humbling and valuable this was for a guy, who was broken into a thousand pieces? A guy, who initially had NO money or experience to fulfill his father’s last dying wish… to see him carried away in such a loving, respectful and honorable way?

The whole process felt like your heart being in an MMA fight where it’s punched, kicked and choked. It’s kept on the very edge of being knocked out, but somehow it lands a solid jaw-punch that knocks your opponent out!

There’s peace in my heart knowing that I made his last wish come true.

The point of this story?

When the stakes get high and life violently pushes you up against a wall, forcing you to either succeed or perish, you too can use goal setting skills to come out on top, way stronger than before!

Let’s give you 7 Simple & Effective Tips for Goal Setting.





7 Simple & Effective Tips for Goal Setting

Below you’ll find 7 Strategies that will massively benefit you and get you amazing results with your goal setting. Damn, I wish someone had taught me them a long time ago, so I wouldn’t have had to make all the mistakes I made. Lucky You! 🙂


#1: An Exciting Vision – Making Will Power Unnecessary

Have you ever daydreamed about your ideal life?

While you’re doing something boring, your mind seductively whispers a fantasy about it. You can’t help but to sink deeper into the excitement of it. Slowly, you feel a calm bliss surround your heart that just makes it radiate with joy.

As you gradually sink even deeper into your fantasy you imagine doing things you can’t do today. You imagine having something you don’t have right now. Your life is more meaningful, joyful and exciting than it is today…

That fantasy has the power to change your life, because just thinking about it gently pulls your heart in that direction! You feel a tingling desire to take action and make it real.

And then your phone rings because some stupid ass telemarketer wants to sell you a product! All the pleasant feelings and the desire to take action are gone!

How do you get it back? Or better yet, how do you use the power of that dream to change your life?


Every day you take some time to think about this vision. You allow the feelings to wash over you like a lazy wave on the ocean. You immerse your whole being into it.


Because that will make your mind steer you in the direction of your dream over the long run. You’ll have inspiration every day to take action and make it happen. Your life will be filled with a deep sense of purpose.

Another benefit of having a vision:

#1.1: Will Power vs The Power of a Vision

Having an exciting vision makes your will power pretty much unnecessary, because the power of the vision is so strong that it pulls you!

Many people don’t know this, but a huge disadvantage of will power is that it is a limited resource. When you wake up in the morning, you have a new, fresh tank of will power. In the evening you are almost all out on will power. That’s why you have a harder time doing something in the evening after a long, busy day.

Pretty cool to have a vision, huh?

Well, I have one more tip for you to really solidify the power of your vision. It’s used by many successful and driven people all around the world.

What is it?

#1.2: The Power of a Vision Board

“A good goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot” – Joe Vitale

For goal setting, creating and having a Vision Board can be tremendously powerful.


Because your subconscious mind is a magical genie that happily responds to your wishes. And guess what! You have more than 3 wishes!

Here’s the kicker:

Your subconscious responds to images and words you repetitively say to yourself. I also responds to the strength of emotion associated with those words and images. Meaning:

If you focus on continuously giving it strong, empowering and exciting commands, then that is what you’ll get.

If you keep feeding it strong self-sabotaging commands, it will fuck up your life.

Wouldn’t it be better to feed it words and images that will empower you?

That is why I highly recommend compiling images that clearly represent your Vision and pin them to a board you see daily.

Another benefit of getting in touch with your vision daily is that it gives you motivation and helps you stay on the right track over the long term. Amazing, huh?! 😉




#2: Your “WHY?” – Your High Octane Motivation

 Reasons come first, answers come second. If you got a compelling vision and you got strong
enough reasons that will push you through the tough times, you’re gonna do things that other
people don’t do” – Tony Robbins

Do you prefer A or B?

A: You’ve got rocket fuel pumping in your veins. You have so much drive and motivation to conquer your goal that you’re practically unstoppable. Obstacles and challenges that would have stopped others barely make you flinch. You’re a well-oiled machine and you mean business!

…or this:

B: Feeling beat up when you wake up in the morning. Frustrated and filled with regret, you say “Oh, no! I don’t wanna get up. Let me sleep!” . You sigh and surrender your power before the day has even begun. If you’re unlucky, you’ll also become a prisoner of procrastination. Shit!

…I thought so! The question is, how do you become category A?


The first group has a compelling reason to fuel their actions. They have a strong “WHY”. Your job is to find yours!


Ask yourself, “If my vision would come true, what would I get (that I really want)?

Freedom to live life on your own terms? Total financial security and abundance? To share your life with someone you love? A healthy body that stays strong even under “old age”? Excitement and new experiences to enrich your life? Etc… These questions will guide you in the right direction.

Having a strong WHY can provide you with an unending amount of motivation! Like Tony Robbins says: “In life we need either inspiration or desperation” 😉

To avoid unnecessary barriers and waste of your precious time and resources, we need the next tip:




#3: Planning Your Goal – Avoid Unnecessary Problems

Do you know how many goals end in disaster because of poor planning?

Far too many!

And it can be very costly too!

A proper plan can energize you to take action and make daily progress. It’ll help you save yourself substantial time, effort and resources.

Planning is essential for goal setting.

So how do you make a solid plan?

You can start with these 3 questions:

3 Valuable Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Where do I wanna go? – We’ve already covered that above in tip #1 regarding having a compelling vision.
  2. Where am I currently in relation to my goal, honestly? Assess exactly where you are for more accuracy of your plan.
  3. How do I get there? This crucial part is what I’m gonna talk about next.


#3.1: “No Plan Survives An Encounter With The Enemy”

In the army, when it’s engaged in a battle no plan survives for long.

The reason?

Because countless different things can happen that you have no way of foreseeing.

Yet, objectives are often accomplished.

What? How?

It’s simple. You leave with an intention. An intention to achieve a specific goal. No matter what happens, that goal is to be achieved. That means the soldiers get to appropriately improvise on their methods to reach that goal. They don’t have to follow a strict plan that reality breaks into pieces and throws away like garbage.

You must do the same.

There will happen things along the way you couldn’t have foreseen. You may have to change your way of getting to your goal, but you don’t have to change the end goal. This can make the difference whether your goal setting is successful or not

Think of yourself like a torpedo. When it’s fired off its’ aim is nowhere near the target, but a built in guidance system continuously evaluates and adjusts its’ approach to the goal.

Be that torpedo 😉

Next, let’s see how you decide what activities to spend the most of your energy on.

#3.2: The Awesomeness of the 80/20 Principle (aka The Pareto Principle)

Imagine spending all day working hard… only to discover that you’ve spent your valuable energy climbing the wrong mountain… Durr!

The solution?

Enter the Pareto Principle.

Through time people have observed that roughly 80% of their results come from 20% of their activities. So it’s only logical to prioritize those highly valuable activities in your goal setting. But how do you determine which activities yield the biggest impact?

You can use The Pareto Principle by listing all the activities you need to accomplish your goal. Then you rank them in order of impact (the most positive or negative impact). You may notice that there is one, or a few activities that are gonna stand out. Focus on them first.

Here’s a surprise:

Important things don’t necessarily take more effort/time!


Say your goal is to run 10 km in 5 weeks, starting from scratch. Here’s a list of what you’ll be have to do:

  1. Find atleast one 10 km route to run.
  2. Make time to run.
  3. Recover.
  4. Run.
  5. Change diet to fit that goal.
  6. Buy running shoes.
  7. Download music for your running sessions.
  8. Track your progress.
  9. Change what doesn’t work and focus on what does.
  10. Find inspiration.

You’ll notice that #2 & #4: are crucial. Focus on them first.



#4: Taking Action & Getting Results

“The most important thing you can do to achieve your goals is to make sure that as soon as you set them, you immediately begin to create momentum.”  – Tony Robbins

Alright, so you have your vision, your WHY & your plan. That’s awesome!

But, it won’t do you any good without taking action on it! Now is the time for you to get moving.

Here are 3 things to think about when it comes to taking action:


#4.1. Belief & Hope.

Taking action on your goal can sometimes be difficult for you, especially if you suffer from procrastination. Clearing the negativity caused by it is like watering a dying plant.

How is that done?

Through hope and belief that you CAN accomplish your goal. I’ve written more about it here.

#4.2. Small, Actionable Steps.

Imagine having to climb a whole damn mountain! It’ll require huge amounts of work and effort! Wouldn’t that feel frustrating and scary? You may downright give up because it gives you too much anxiety.

The solution?

You break the goal/activity down into smaller, manageable parts. It’s too big if you break it down into two equal halves? Break it into 10 parts! Still too big? Break it down to 100 parts! You get the idea. Remember, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”. That’s all you have to focus on.

Having small, manageable parts enables you to continuously move forward, even if it goes slow. This builds momentum, which is building a snowball and rolling it down a hill – it grows in size and becomes so fast it’s unstoppable!

#4.3. Momentum & Removing Distractions.

Having many distractions is having an old lady with a nagging voice constantly interrupting you, when you’re trying to do important, perhaps life changing work.

How do you get rid of her?

You pull out a big fat salmon and beat her unconscious #LikeABoss

Or you could just stand up and get into a quiet room where there are no distractions. No phone is allowed, no loud talking, nothing to do but to focus on your goal setting. There’s a benefit for you by doing that: You can build momentum and become unstoppable!

Remember Newton’s 1st Law:

“An object in motion tends to stay in motion”




#5: Evaluating Feedback – Killing What’s Not Working & Improving What Works

How would you like it if you worked really hard and only got a third of your salary? For most people, that would suck.

Disregarding feedback is doing exactly that, because it contains vital information for you about what’s working and what’s not. Paying close attention to the feedback you get can help you spot your weak points, evaluate the effectiveness of your techniques and save you precious time and resources.

In other words, feedback is a shimmering nugget of gold. And getting feedback from a mentor can be worth ten nuggets of gold.


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”–  Albert Einstein

Questions to ask yourself:

How well is what I’m doing yielding the result I want?

What is working? What is not?

Is there a better way to move forward?

Use feedback and you may crush your competition.


#6: Burning The Frickin Boats!

It’s easy to let fear cripple you and make you come up with all sorts of excuses and back-up plans. Don’t let that happen in your goal setting

You wanna know how to use fear to your advantage?

Burn your frickin boats.

Cut off all other possible ways except for one: Forward.

This creates desperation and boosts your motivation to sky high levels. Tony Robbins says that when people are faced with “succeed or die”-situations, people tend to succeed more often than not.

It sounds extreme. It is. This method should be used only when you’ve thought everything through.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you HAVE to become a millionaire in one week, when you know nothing whatsoever about business and customer satisfaction (I exaggerated to make a point). You’ll end up homeless.


You wanna become a digital nomad? Build a successful online business. Cancel your current occupation. Sell your apartment.

Wanna lose 30 lbs of weight? Throw out all unhealthy food, especially food that contains processed sugar. Bulldoze your sugar cravings and replace them with healthy snacks.

Wanna live a happier life? Cut off (and replace) all negative people in your life. Replace negative thoughts with happy and productive ones. Cut off activities that aren’t meaningful to you. Learn to give.




#7: Surrounding Yourself With Like-Minded, Successful People

It should be no secret that you become like the people you surround yourself with.

In fact, science backs it up: There’s a special form of neuron (called the mirror neuron) in the brain that fires when we either commit an act, or watch others commit it. It’s imprinted in our DNA since the stone ages, and the mirror neuron fires when dominant people in a group display a behavior, like if someone figures out how to create a fire, invents the wheel or a better way to kill a dangerous animal.

That is either fantastic news, or horrible news… depending on how you use it.

If you pick the wrong people to spend your time with, they may very well discourage you, mock you or sabotage for you in various ways… I say f**k them!

What’s better?

Having people who support you, who are on the same path as you, people who can help you and teach you things you need to succeed. People who have already succeeded with what you wanna do. Mentors. Friends. You’re better off alone, than hanging with bad people.

Losers hang with losers.

Winners hang with winners.

If you wanna be a Winner, choose a tribe that Wins.


Crush Your Goals. Do Epic Shit. Change People’s Lives!

These goal setting tools will help you significantly in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. It’s a kind of life that fills you with self-esteem, confidence, happiness, fulfillment, contribution, growth and self-actualization. Those are rare and valuable life treasures.

I want you to have them. All of them.

You don’t have a valid excuse for not going for your dreams anymore. No, not even the excuse(-s) you’re whispering to yourself right now. Fuck it.

People need your awesome and unique talent.

Do epic shit. Chase your dreams and make them real. Roar, like a Fucking Lion and Leave a Mighty Legacy!


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  1. Wonderful and detailed post, Fahad. I totally agree that a powerful vision can any day overcome the will issue. Point #4 and #5 are compelling enough to go get things done.

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