Fahad Sulehria

Once upon a time, long ago… a beautiful, healthy boy named Fahad Sulehria was born in a Pakistanian village, right at the border to India and Kashmir. The boy grew up to become a handsome, rich Prince who ruled at his throne. Every day, he was entertained by his vast harem of exotic, beautiful women who happily performed tantalizing danc… STOP!

Hold on a second,

I don’t know who’s story that is, but it sure as hell isn’t mine 😉

…What up!

I’m Fahad Sulehria. I love action movies, travelling and ladies with vivid personalities. I absolutely hate it when people chew popcorn loud at the cinema… Don’t you too?! LOL

I also happen to be so lucky that I’m a world-wide published astronomical artist (2003-2011). It’s been my great fortune to have had my work featured by the biggest names in the astronomic media, such as Astronomy Magazine, National Geographic and Science Magazine (references upon request as I have to dig them up from my mail box, lol).

Anyway, forget all that…

Today, I focus on helping and inspiring people to overcome procrastination and work towards their big dreams and goals in life. I love giving powerful, actionable insights for self-improvement. Helping people overcome big obstacles makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. Don’t ask me why, I haven’t figured that part out, yet.

My dream is to break free from the hamster wheel that society has put us all in, and live as a digital nomad, travelling & exploring the world… while simultaneously improving the lives of millions of people around the world through this web site. I love giving actionable insights that improves people’s lives!


However, my life wasn’t always like this.

I was born into poverty, in a third world country (Pakistan). Hell, in the first 8 weeks of my life, my parents had to drag me back from the jaws of death… twice!


My Father brought me to Sweden where I was cured. I’ll always love and respect this country.  Do you know how many beautiful ladies there are here? Lol (seriously though, Swedish people have many admirable qualities).


I didn’t exactly have what you’d call a privileged upbringing. While all my friends happily enjoyed all the love, care, toys, money and candy that their parents gave them, me and my future siblings were mostly left out. Poverty does that. Imagine what that does to a kid… That tone continued for pretty much the rest of my life, until recent years.

We were basically cut off from the world around us by an overly religious and strict father, and most importantly; old, primitive world views (hey, my father had many admirable qualities too. Don’t judge him :P)…


On the other hand…

I had something that other kids lacked. Perhaps my greatest source of strength in life: an exciting, rich & vivid imagination… A world full of awesome space adventures and dreams I was the hero there, not an underdog! 😉 When things got bad in real life, I’d take the opportunity to visit my own Narnia 😉

Fahad Sulehria

Fast forward 18 years (age: 23).

I took all my knowledge of the mindblowing beauty of the universe and began creating space art. It was fascinating. Getting immersed into a scientifically accurate scene of an alien world. Time would fly by. Every now and then a sizzling thought shook me: “Hey, this could actually be what it looks like over there, billions of billions of kilometers away”.

The scenes were published on my web site. One day British BBC requested an image for a documentary about extra-solar planets. I was so gawd damn excited!!! XD.

Unfortunately, they requested a hi-res format – something I did not have. That mistake, however… gave me a valuable insight that would allow me to create astronomical artwork that would later be published among the biggest names in the space & space news industry.

Sadly, in 2005 my Father had his first stroke. It took a huge blow on our family. I cancelled my studies, take care of him and deal with the worsening financial situation of our family. In 2012, my Father passed away. The months leading up to that event were the darkest days of my life. Absolute rock bottom.

Today… I’m mentally stronger than most people I’ve met. I’m very thankful for that. I can do things, endure things most people can’t (not that they can’t, they just haven’t been trained to. Big difference).

Why am I telling you all of this? To brag or ask for pity? Hell, no!

Fahad Sulehria


If a man who was at absolute rock bottom can slay that bitch of a serpent that’s been around his neck all his life, and lift himself up to very high levels of personal success, then you can absolutely do that too! ;-D … And you can do that without having to face the same pain I’ve had to endure.

In fact, this web site is dedicated to help you evolve. To become a more empowered, happier version of yourself. To kill your procrastination and get you to take action. Inspiring you to make progress in any area of your life, especially if you have a big dream. Isn’t that kinda life exciting or what!

Fahad Sulehria

Let’s kick some ass and make your life better 😉



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