Destroying Procrastination, Perfectionism & Fear of Failure

Wouldn’t it be totally epic to get whatever you want from the buffé of life and create a tasy, delicious meal that just smells and tastes amazing!? Just imagine for a moment, that you’re looking at your plate like a hungry lion.

What’s on it? Your dream partner? Your ideal career? A precious award? The travelling life style you’ve always dreamt of? So much to have! Yum, yum!


How to Stop Procrastinating:Chains

How to Stop Procrastinating – The Ultimate Guide to Getting Shit Done

Procrastination. It’s having an awkward ball of metal chained to your ankle – for every task you’re postponing into the future! You become a prisoner just like in those old black and white movies.

Recognize this pattern?

When you gotta do something important, you avoid it by saying:

“Not now! I’ll do it later. I just wanna do (random thing) first!” So…

Goal Setting

Goal Setting – How To NOT Screw It Up!

Have you ever looked at high performers who crush it with their goal setting and frustratingly wondered…

“How the hell do they do it?!”

They move forward in life like a green, 70 ton tank rolling over a puny Volkswagen Beetle – with total ease. Usually, their goal setting skills earn them a lot of money & success. You may even know some in real life.

If you’re like me, you’d feel a…

10 Min Meditation Guide

10 Min Meditation – Easily Get The Benefits of Meditation!

10 Min Meditation – A Simple, Step-By-Step Guide Heck, You’ve probably heard about meditation and its’ numerous benefits, like stress relief, enhanced focus, more creativity, greater presence, reduced aging & more happiness. If you’ve thought about doing it yourself, but don’t know how, then this article is for you. The …Read More!